We’ll be at #PitMad in September 2020. Will You?


This is an unscheduled post, but we wanted to share. For the first time, the entire Acquisitions Team at CamCat Publishing will be participating in #PitMad, on September 3, 2020.

We’ll be watching all day, and liking the pitches we’d like to see in our queue. A ❤️ from @CassaCassaCassa, @WithPenAndPaper or @JS_Arroyo is an invitation to submit your novel to our queue at Be sure to tell us we liked your #PitMad pitch in the “How did you hear about us?” box.

We accept unagented manuscripts, but, hey, we love agents too. Send us your manuscript whenever it’s ready; we’re not rushing you (but we’ll be excited to see it when it comes!).

Here’s our current #MSWL:

  • Fantasy crime and magical police/detectives in the vein of Ben Aaronovitch’s Midnight Riot, Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, or Sarah Gailey’s Magic for Liars. Can you compare your novel to tv series like Supernatural or Bungo Stray Dogs? Send it our way!
  • A “quiet” novel where something uncanny or strange is gradually revealed through the details. It doesn’t have to be outright speculative—it could be a romance or western or historical, for example—but something about it causes us to do a double-take. See The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa and Mexican Gothic by Silvia Morena-Garcia.
  • A surprising number of alternate history SFF novels came out in 2020, and there’s still a lot of room left to explore this subgenre. Whether you change a single historical event, as Mary Robinette Kowal did in The Calculating Stars by introducing a meteor strike that accelerated the space program in the 1950s, or you introduce a speculative element like a “first contact” event leaked to the press (see Axiom’s End by Lindsey Ellis), give us your best take on what happens when history takes an unexpected turn.
  • We’d also welcome some pandemic relief. We want to laugh. A mystery that makes us chuckle is as welcome as a romance or sci-fi or fantasy. And if your sense of humor wraps its arms around an altogether hopeful message, we can’t wait to read your story.
  • We want to be immersed in an original, beautifully told tale that can make us forget all of life’s woe’s, as in The Binding by Bridget Collins. Or a captivating murder mystery with a flawed detective, a la Anthony Horowitz’s The Sentence is Death.

See y’all on Twitter, September 3rd.

P.S. New to #PitMad? Head on over to their headquarters