Sample Pages Dos and Don’ts

Let’s assume that your query letter and/or submissions questionnaire were so flawless that an agent or assistant/preliminary reader at a publishing house decided to read further. What do the sample pages have to show? Let’s look at a few sample pages dos and don’ts. 1. Show That You Have an Un-put-down-able Manuscript Acquisition editors look [...]

Our Favorite Crime/Mystery Blogs

We don’t just work with crime and mystery novels, we love reading all about them too. Below are the staff picks for crime and mystery blogs, for your regular dose of the criminal mind. Mystery and crime authors need to keep on top of what’s happening in the genre. We’ve pulled together a list of [...]

Six Common Submission Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We screened our slushpile to find the most common submission errors to help you avoid them. A manuscript’s journey to an acquisition editor’s desk is quite treacherous. There are lots of stop signs and red lights, and even a hidden pothole or two. Here are a few directions. What happens in a publishing house?  Before [...]

12 Elements of an Unputdownable Book

You want to write books to live in. Books with a captivating story and memorable characters, books we can’t put down, books that stick with us long after we’ve read the last word. Books that make us hope and pray that the author has more because we just can’t get enough. We’ve come across our [...]

4 Reasons Why Most Traditional Publishers Won’t Consider Previously Published Works

Most traditional publishers won’t even look at a previously published title. Here are some reasons why. As a publisher, I usually start my day by checking out the questions and comments that are submitted to us via our contact form and social media accounts. I like to know what people are thinking and what questions [...]

How to Read Like a Writer

As a writer, you’ve probably attended your fair share of writer’s workshops and belong to at least one, if not several critique groups. And that’s great. You should be a part of the writer’s community. But workshops haven’t always been a dime a dozen, and not every culture believes that you can learn how to [...]

No Query Letters Allowed

Consider the following scenario. You’ve rewritten and revised and polished your manuscript until it shines like a sparkly diamond. Your critique group has scrutinized every chapter, commented on every character and subplot. Even the crusty dude who never offers his own writing for critique loves your story. You’ve researched your target publishers/agents/editors and carefully crafted [...]

7 Things To Do To Your Manuscript Before Submission

Are you considering submitting your manuscript to us? Terrific! We can’t wait to see it. But first, there are a few things we’d like you to do to it. 1. Put your manuscript away. Yup. Stick it in a drawer. Move it off your desktop. Put your folder of notes someplace else. Don’t look at [...]